Transcendent Experiences
1 The Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences (TASTE)
A World Wide Web site in a journal format that allows scientists to share their personal transcendent experiences


2 What a ‘Transcendent Experience’ Really Means)
Several years ago, I met a woman named Janeen Delaney who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer...


3 The Varieties of Transcendent Experience
In his magnum opus, The Secular Age, the philosopher Charles Taylor charts western society’s unprecedented shift from a consensus belief in transcendent reality to a worldview that is much more immanent or ‘this-world’.


4 Dissolving the ego
You don’t need drugs or a church for an ecstatic experience that helps transcend the self and connect to something bigger.


5 The Archives of Scientist's Trancendent Experiences
As scientists, we have discovered a body of precisely observed factual data about the world, created a lot of good theories that make sense of much of that data — and we are part of a cultural heritage of scientism. .


6 Spiritual Transcendence
A Human or Divine Experience?


7 The varieties of self-transcendent experience
Various forms of self-loss have been described as aspects of mental illness (e.g., depersonalization disorder), but might self-loss also be related to mental health?