"To imagine that consciousness is ruled by the laws of physics and chemistry is as preposterous as the suggestion that a nation could be ruled by the laws of grammar."
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When you click on the “Spirituality Matters ASCS e-Newsletter” block on the Home Page, the 10 archived issues of this e-Magazine, edited by Karin Nemri , are displayed. Click on them to view and/or print any of them.

To access over 700 Links featuring a wealth of information, click on the “Links” button in the left side menu. The “External Listings” section displays numerous “Other sources of evidence for the existence of a human spirit independent of the physical body” with clickable links to other resources.For example, click on the link “Spirituality” in the “Other Categories” column and four other sources on spirituality are displayed on the “Spirituality” page. If you click on “Spirit Writings”, a site displays at the left side of which there is a list of 6 or 7 items. One is “Glossary” and “Links is another. When you click on “Glossary” the exceptional list of words with their meanings appears.

We have also added a new section entitled “Selected Scientific Psi Research Publications” which currently features a selected list of peer-reviewed journal articles maintained by Dean Radin, PhD, who is Chief Scientist at the Institute Of Noetic Sciences.

Under the heading “Other Membership Organizations” you will find 12 Links such as ‘The American Society for Psychical Research’. Under “Websites & Misc. Agencies”, 11 Links are displayed on subjects like ‘After-Life Evidence−Lawyer Victor Zammitt’. This a comprehensive site dealing with the afterlife, with its own “Links” page leading to a “Best Afterlife Links” with 20+ categories of links to still other sites and documents dealing with the afterlife. This site alone has links to hundreds of sources of useful information on the afterlife.

The “Garland Memorial Library”, which provides “Resources for researchers, reporters, authors and all those seeking information about the existence, form and destiny of their sprit selves”, can be accessed by clicking on the “Library” button (Upper left fourth down) or the Library photo on the ASCSI Home page. Either will take you to the “ASCS Library Floorplan”, which has 4 Rooms: The ‘Evidence Room’ has 7 links including ‘The Most Convincing Spirit Contact Cases’ and the ‘Most Persuasive Reincarnation Cases’ and many other cases of evidence for survival after death. The ‘Legacy Room’ has 4 Links, which lead to 46 links of ‘Biographies of Researchers and Writers’, and 321 ‘Biographies of Mediums and Psychics’. The ‘Periodical Room’ has 4 links to archived ASCSI publications. The ‘Book and A/V Room’ has 15 Links on subjects such as books by ‘Members of the Academy’ and ‘Recall of Past Lives’, among others.

We encourage you to visit our website, www.ascsi.org, as often as possible as it grows more comprehensive to grow your knowledge in the many aspects of consciousness and spiritual studies. If you are not a member of the Academy, please consider joining. It is our goal to contribute as much as we can to the world consciousness/spiritual movement, both on the professional level as well as the personal level, and you can all help us with that goal as we try to help you increase the level of your own consciousness and spiritual awareness. If you have any suggestions for improving our website to further our mission, please contact me at jebeichler@ascsi.org

Happy trails and explorations on our link, those suggested and the others listed.

Most Cordially,

James E. Beichler, Ph.D., ASCSI President .