Welcome to the
Garland Memorial Library*
A project of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, Inc

Resources for researchers, reporters, authors, and all those seeking information about the existence, form, and destiny of their spirit selves.

Library of Congress

ASCSi Library Floorplan

Periodical Room
P-1  ASCS Journals
P-2 ASCS Conference Proceedings
P-4 Spirituality Matters (On-line)

Book & A/V Room
B-1 By Members of the Academy
B-2 Compilations of Evidence
B-3 Evoked Communications: Mediums, etc.
B-4 Recall of Past Lives
B-5 Spontaneous: ADCs & NDAs
B-6 NDEs / OBEs
B-7 Instrumental / Electronic
B-8 Physical Phenomena
B-9 Health & Well Being
B-20 History
B-25 Classics
B-30 Channeled Teachings
B-40 Fiction

*This library is named in honor of Pulitzer-Prize-winning author Hamlin Garland. The author of more than 50 books and recipient of several honorary titles from prestigious institutions, Garland was a total disbeliever in psychic phenomena when he was asked to become a researcher for the American Psychical Society. His dedication, honesty, perspiscacity, and clear reporting make him an ideal role model for those laboring to find and promote the truth about psychic phenomena. Click here for further information about Garland.