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Other useful sources of evidence for the existence of a human spirit independent of the physical body.

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Sources of Online Books and Documents
Spirit Writings
Survival eBooks

Other Membership Organizations
 American Society for Psychical ResearchASPR
Association for Skeptical InvestigationASI
Association Trans-CommunicationATransC
(formerly: American Association - Electronic Voice Phenomena – AA-EVP)
The Churches Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies - U.K.
International Association for Near-Death StudiesIANDS
International Remote Viewing Association  ♦ IRVA
The Institute of Noetic Sciences  ♦ IONS
L’Institut Métapsychique International - France
Parapsychological Association ♦PA
The Scientific and Medical Network - U.K. ♦ SMN
Society for Psychical Research - U.K. ♦SPR
Society for Scientific Exploration  ♦ SSE

Websites & Misc. Agencies
Afterlife Evidence — Lawyer Victor Zammit
Spirits at Play: A celebration of physical life in a conscious universe.
NDEs and the Afterlife
After Death Communication Research Foundation
Near Death Experience Research Foundation
World Instrumental Transcommunication
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
Rhine Research Center
Parapsychology Foundatiom
The Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences
The Global Consciousness Project
Exceptional Human Experience Network

Selected Scientific Psi Research Publications (171)

Other Categories
After-Death Communication (9)
Consciousness Research (14)
Energy Fields (12)
Ghosts/Hauntings (11)
Healing Research (9)
Life After Death (23)
Mediumship (8)
Metaphysics (4)
Mysticism (5)
New Age (3)
Near-Death Experiences (18)
Out-of-Body Experiences (9)
Parapsychology (12)
Paranormal (7)
Philosophy (6)
Prayer/Meditation (4)
Reincarnation (9)
Religion (10)
Remote Viewing(9)
Paranormal Resources (11)
Shroud of Turin (12)
Spiritism (5)
Spirituality (4)
Transpersonal Psychology(5)
Transcendent Experiences(7)
Ufology (7)

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B-2 Compilations of Evidence
B-3 Evoked Communications: Mediums, etc.
B-4 Recall of Past Lives
B-5 Spontaneous: ADCs & NDAs
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B-7 Instrumental / Electronic
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