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 Physical Phenomena

Even though the evidence for Survival is convincingly presented in the Evidence Room of this library, inquiring minds are well advised to reinforce their convictions by reading reports written by other researchers or told, first hand, by those who have actually experienced evidential events.
In this aisle, you will find the best books describing levitations, materializations, apports, and other observed events previously thought to be impossible.
Other aisles feature works specializing in other types of evidence.
Click on a title to purchase or learn more about an item. The opinions expressed in these works do not necessarily reflect the views of the Academy, its members, or staff.

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Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan, The History of Spiritualism, Arno Press, 1975 (orig. pub. 1924) 680 pages.
Findlay, Arthur, On the Edge of the Etheric, Or Survival After Death Scientifically Explained, Hesperides Press, 2006 (orig. pub. 1931) 177 pages.
Harris, Louie, Alec Harris: The Full Story of His Remarkable Physical Mediumship, Saturday Night Press Publications, 2009, 253 pages.
Harrison, Tom, Life After Death: Living Proof, Saturday Night Press Publications 2008, 287 pages.
Home, Daniel D., Incidents In My Life, Adamant Media Corporation, 2005 (orig. pub. 1864) 288 pages.
Westwood, Horace, D.D., There Is A Psychic World, Crown Publishers, 1949, 206 pages.

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