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"Our aim is not to please the sensation-seeker who desires some new thrill for his jaded being, but to uplift mankind and make it find once again those inherent powers almost lost through lack of usage."
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 2012 Conference Program

SYNCHRONICITY AND PSI PHENOMENA: A SYNERGISTIC CONNECTION by Dale E. Graff, MS Physics, an ASPSI Patron member, researcher, writer and speaker with degrees in aeronautical engineering and physics, is internationally known for his insights into the processes of the mind. He was a director of STARGATE, the government's program for research and application of remote viewing -an aspect of ESP. His books, Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness and River Dreams, focus on psi as a natural and holistic aspect of our subconscious mind and have brought him international recognition. His website is www.dalegraff.com. Hamburg, PA.

DEATH AND IMMORTALITY: A JUNGIAN PERSPECTIVE by Rev. Karen E. Herrick, Ph.D., ASPSI Board of Directors member: Founder and Executive Director of Center for Children of Alcoholics, Inc.; author of You're Not Finished Yet!, available in paperback, hardcover and E-book through Amazon.com and Authorhouse.com; author of a column on Spiritual Psychology for N.J HolisticMagazine.com. Her website and blog on spiritual experience are at www.karenherrick.com Red Bank, N.J.

ESOTERIC INSIGHTS INTO CURRENT RESEARCH REGARDING THE INVISIBLE ELECTRO- MAGNETIC FIELDS OF THE EARTH AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO NORMAL AND PARANORMAL OCCURENCES by Eugene Jennings, M.D., Board Certified Psychiatrist in private practice who spreads spiritual ideals and truths through the presentation of theosophical ideas internationally, East Stroudsburg, PA.

THE LABYRITTH: WALKING MINDFULLY by Rev . Jeanetta W. Dunlap, Ed.D .. school administrator and teacher, certified in spiritual mediumship, spiritual healing and Reiki healing, Rochester, NY and Kathy J. De Vito, B.S., retired teacher and ordained healing minister who has incorporated energy healing and non-invasive bodywork in her healing work. Nazareth, P A.

2012: WHY DO WE KEEP TORTURING OURSELVES WITH THESE PREDICTIONS? by James E. Beichler, Ph.D., Chairman of ASPS} Research Committee, holder of the only advanced degree in the world from an accredited university in Paraphysics, retired Associate Professor of Physics at West Virginia University, Parkersburg; and author of To Die For: The Physical Reality of Conscious Survival. and Eva: The Next Step. Belpre, OH.

STATUS RELATIONS AND THE PARANORMAL by George P. Hansen who was employed professionally by the parapsychology laboratories at the Rhine Research Center and the Princeton Psychophysical Research Laboratories, has written many articles and book reviews in scientific journals, and a book, The Trickster and the Paranormal. His website is httpv/www.tricksterbook.com/, Cranbury, NJ.

PANEL: PSIENCE: "WHAT NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION PROMOTE UNDERSTANDING OF PSI? Panelists: James E. Beichler, Ph.D., Dale E. Graff, M.S., George Hansen. Center adjunct staff psychiatrist, Theosophical teachings and doctrines student, East Stroudsburg, PA.

SEXUALITY .. AND LOVE 1N THE AFTERLIFE by Rev. Louis Richard Batzler, Ph.D., ASPSI Board member, former president of Academy of Religion and Psychical Research and Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship Interna- tional, church pastor in several states and abroad, teacher in five colleges, chaplain in hospitals and college campuses, author of five books and numerous articles. Kill Devil Hills, NC

WHAT MAKES A GREAT CASE FOR SURVIVAL? by Miles Edward Allen, President of The Association for Evaluation and Communication of Evidence for Survival (AECES); author of The Survival Files: The Most Convincing Evidence Yet Compiled for the Survival of Your Soul; site keeper for two websites: www.aeces.info and www.TheSurvivaIFiles.com, York, P A.

THE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE FOR POSTMORTEM SURVlVAL by William E. Stoney, M.Sc., who has a Masters degrees from both MIT and the University of Virginia and worked for 30 years with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. For over 50 years, he has collected books and journal articles on the paranormal, and now has a library of 1,038. He maintains a computer database of paranormal subjects that can be scanned for key psychic subjects. Reston VA.

THE EXCAVATION OF A GHOST CULTURE: A PARTICIPANT-OBSERVER APPROACH TO RECOVER PAST INTERACTIVE PRESENCE by John G. Sabol, M.A., an archaeologist, cultural anthropologist, actor and "ghost excavator", lead archaeologist for the Center of Archaeological Studies of Presence Through Ethnographic Research (C.A.S.P.E.R.); author of 12 books and currently working on two other books: Mahanoy City,-PA.

SPIRITUAL SOLUTIONS FOR 2012 AND BEYOND: NEW METAPHYSICAL ROOTS OF ANCIENT WISDOM by Richard Borutta, whose presupposed notions of life, death and reality were challenged by a near- death experience in 1990 when he worked for Bell Labs. Current paradigms are inadequate to explain various aspects of NDEs and he continues developing explanations for NDEs and other paranormal phenomena. Trained as an electrical engineer, he worked on developing lasers and fiber optics, co-authored several papers in these fields and holds five related patents. Saylorsburg, P A


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