"There are no miracles that violate the laws of nature. There are only events that violate our limited knowledge of the laws of nature."
– St. Augustine

Alan Hugenot, D.Sc.
Vice President
William Wilson, J.D.
Karin Nemri, A.S., C.S.C.
Asst. Treasurer
Lee S. Lawrence, CPA
Michael E. Tymn, B.A., CPCU
President Emeritus
 Rev. Harry L. Serio, D.Min.
Executive Administrator
 Paul Hauser, J.D.
ASCS Board
of Directors
♦ Boyce Batey, B.A.
♦ Rosemary Ellen Guiley, B.A.
♦Stephen H. Hall, B.GS.
♦ Alan Hugenot, D.Sc.
♦ Lee E. Lawrence, CPA
♦ John Franklin Miller III, Ph.D.
♦ Karin Nemri, A.S., C.S.C.
♦ Rev. Harry L. Serio, D.Min.
♦ Yvonne Sneeden
♦ David Stang, J.D.
♦ Michael E. Tymn, B.A., CPCU
♦ William E. Wilson, J.D.
♦ Nancy Zingrone, Ph.D.
ASCS Advisory
♦ Stafford Betty, Ph.D.
♦ Larry Dossey, M.D.
♦ Suzanne R. Giesemann
♦ Jean Houston, Ph.D.
♦ Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
♦ Lawrence LeShan, Ph.D.
♦ Raymond A. Moody Jr., M.D., Ph.D.,
♦ Vernon M. Neppe, M.D., Ph.D, BN&NP, FRSSAf, DFAPA
♦ Anne Puryear, D.D.
♦ Herb Puryear, Ph.D.
♦ Charles T. Tart, Ph.D.
♦ John W. White, M.AT.
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 Evidential Reports

Articles, excerpts, and other documents describing cases or events deemed by many to be good evidence for Survival yet having one or more characteristics preventing their evaluation by the ESS or not scoring sufficiently high to attain the Top-20 listings.  Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the Academy or its staff.

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♦ The Book and Newspaper Tests
♦ St. Stephen Communicates
♦ Scientist Discovers Secret of Table Levitations
♦ Not “Till Death Do Us Part,” but Beyond
♦ A Match Made in Heaven?
♦ The Endeavor Mystery
♦ A Human Wireless Receiving Station
♦ Skeptical Journalist Hears From Dead Son
♦ News From Beyond Reaches Famous Lawyer
♦ The Materializations of May King
♦ The Moses Book Test
♦ An Early Cross-Correspondence Message
♦ Professor Hyslop is converted by Leonora Piper
♦ The Minister and Mrs. Piper
♦ A Lusitania Victim Communicates
♦ When Scorn Turned To Awe
♦ 14 Languages Spoken Through Medium
NDEs, ASCs, Visions and Such
An Early Near-Death Experience
♦ Dr. Kubler-Ross Sees And Talks With Dead Woman
♦ The Physician Who Watched Himself Die
♦ The Pam Reynolds Near-Death Experience
♦ Physician Observes Transfiguration
♦ Therapist Shares in ADCs
♦ The Thompson-Gifford Case

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